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'Tis the season to eat truffles in Rome

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

I’m feeling much better! Tylenol usage has gone way down. 

Day 2 started out with a stroll throughout Campo De Fiori, and brunch where I had the best ricotta cheese I have ever had. It was so good I maybe teared up (see photo).

This is the first time I've teared up from eating cheese.

Truffle is very much in season right now, so we also had Venus bellybuttons (tortellini) with shaved truffle. The waiter had on gloves, weighed the mushroom and shaved it in front of us, the whole deal. It was delizioso.

Tortellini with truffles. I will have dreams about this dish.

For dinner, we ate unbelievable carbonara (despite the fact that Dan doesn’t

at egg and bacon in any other context) and lamb. All of the house red wines have been awesome. We get plenty of those. For dessert: Some cookie thing dipped in chocolate, and later pistachio tiramisu. 

Much of the rest of the day was spent learning about the various ways ancient Romans have killed each other. We took a tour of the coliseum through the entryway that the gladiators did and pictured chained animals being killed in the morning and executions at lunchtime. Then we went to the forum and talked about how Vestal Virgins, who were celibate until age 30 (or killed), made sure a sacred fire kept burning and could save criminals from being executed. It rained lightly and the. A rainbow formed at the forum. It was so beautiful that even our seasoned tour guide took a photo. History buff Dan asked some questions that made the otherwise funny and dry guide go, “Good question!” I nodded politely. 

Later, we had a nightcap and met American fraternal twin sisters who live in Amsterdam. They are twinning very hard: They have a twinstagram account. 

Seeing the ancient ruins is very special. As I was telling Dan, it almost feels like I’m walking on a set of the centuries-old buildings. Because it’s hard to fathom that so many sites (minus their pillaged marble) are still standing. 

Today, we see art. And brave rain like we did last night. The last-minute rain jacket purchase at REI was worth it!

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