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Holy croissant!

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Several weeks ago, at a farmer’s market in Santa Monica, Dan had one the most underwhelming croissants of his life. Though the food looked warm and flaky, it was neither.  

On Sunday, things turned around for my pastry-loving boyfriend. A croissant, purchased on our way to see Pope Francis speak, was the best Dan has ever tasted. It was moist. It was sweet. It had a hint of mela (apple). And it was the perfect pregame for joining the papal audience for a weekly address. Naturally, while we were blessed (I assume? I have no idea what he said.) it started raining again. 

Rain continued as we found lunch THAT WAS NOT JUST CARBS. A restaurant called Ginger, which was playing John Mayer music as we arrived, seemed like it existed just for me. I got a juice and salad and didn’t feel sick. Yay!

In other great food news, I used my gelato-finding expertise (I listened to a very thorough podcast last week on finding good gelato) to finally find a good spot. Requirements: The flavors couldn’t be too brightly colored, the gelato had to be covered with tin lids (not overflowing with candy bars on it like in many touristy zones) and have fresh fruta flavors. I had the persimmon and blueberry while Dan had Pesto de Pistachio and caramel crunch something or other. YUM!

Then it was time for the big event of the day: SPORT. We watched a soccer match, Lazio v Florentina, at the Olympic Stadium where there were unsurprisingly many muscular statues and many men yelling and throwing their hands in the air. What was surprising was the amount of giant flags that were waved from the stands the whole game, including a flag with a picture of a man and his flowing mane. I sat in between Dan and this small girl who was at the game with her father. She liked to “disappear” from behind a mini Italia flag and then magically reappear. She also liked to stomp on this same flag and baffle her father, who would sing fight songs while bouncing her on his knee. 

Lazio won! And it was an exciting game with several yellow cards, a collision between a player and a goalie and a few almost-goals from the other team. 

After that, Dan and I walked around the more rural part of Rome, cheered for all of the Mini Coopers that would’ve been friends with Dan’s old car, and lived that #PiazzaLife with people in the streets shopping, eating and drinking. We did those and had some perfect Cacio E Pepe. 

Now, onto Venice.

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