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We almost lost a cell phone

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

So here are things I’ve learned about myself and Italian culture:

Like Italians, I can go for espresso most times of day. I also enjoy aperitivo, aka having a bunch of free snacks with the order of one pre-dinner drink.

Unlike Italians, or at least tourists in Italy, I cannot eat pasta for every meal.  After two and a half days of eating only (the tastiest) pasta, pizza and sandwiches I had to admit to Dan that no, I couldn’t possibly stomach another carbonara. But the waiter at a restaurant named for the dish (Carbonara Al Morro or some such) bullied me into ordering it regardless on Saturday night. 

Don’t worry, I have since made a full recovery and am writing to you as I prepare for more pasta. (On Sunday, we managed to find other food groups than carbs. But more on that later.)

Saturday’s main event was going to the Borghese Museum and dodging ran. There, I learned plenty about Bernini and his Baroque art. Namely, that Gian Lorenzo Bernini has basically designed half of the buildings and statues in Rome. And he happens to be very attractive. At least according to a sculpture he made of David shooting a slingshot at Goliath that was partly a self portrait. Another wild sculpture is of Daphne trying to get away from a rapey Apollo. Her way to escape? Turn into a tree.

Bernini's David in marble. Look at the muscle definition!

After Dan and I thoroughly toured the Borgheze and felt bad about our lack of accomplishments, we went to the Trevi Fountain to toss a coin, drink some wine and get completely downpoured on. It got so rainy that we couldn’t move out from under our umbrella for about 10 minutes. But then it was magically dry again, enough for some photos and for a boy to throw a coin into Dan’s Phone as we were admiring said photos. That kid is not going to be an athlete. 

An understandably upset Dan confronted the kid’s (Scandinavian?) parents. “Your son threw a coin into my phone.” Their very polite response. “Hahahha no!”

Fortunately, Dan had a screen protector on.


I’ll share details from Sunday in the next note. In the meantime, we are gonna go get food and I will continue to search for female statues. (I like when they’re muscular and/or archers.)

I threw a coin into Trevi Fountain, so I have to come back!

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